Storm Doris

Storm Doris has now passed over the UK. The next named storm to hit the UK, will be Storm Ewan.

Welcome to the not-so-offical webpage of Storm Doris! Storm Doris hit the UK on Thursday 23rd February 2017 and brought with it damaging rain, snow and winds to large parts of England, Scotland and Wales. The storm was predicted by the Met Office due to the development of a deep low pressure system over the Atlantic ocean in the days leading up to 23rd February 2017. Strong winds with gusts of up to 95mph were recorded and heavy rain battered parts of central England. Significant snowfall fell across the higher ground of northern England and much of Scotland. Due to Storm Doris's strength, the Met Office issued an "Amber Severe Weather Warning". Now that Storm Doris has passed over the UK, the next named storm to hit the UK will be Storm Ewan.

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The Guardian
Storm Doris: 'weather bomb' causes transport chaos across UK
The Guardian
The Met Office has declared Storm Doris a “weather bomb” as gales and snow hit parts of Britain. High winds brought widespread travel disruption on roads, rail, in the air and on the water. A woman died in Wolverhampton city centre after suffering ...
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BBC News
Storm Doris: Woman killed as UK hit by winds reaching 94mph
BBC News
A woman has been killed and at least two people have been seriously injured as Storm Doris brought winds of up to 94mph, snow and rain to the UK. West Midlands Ambulance Service said the woman had suffered head injuries when a piece of debris fell on ...
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The Guardian
Woman killed by falling debris as Storm Doris causes chaos across UK
The Guardian
Storm Doris had raged in from the west overnight, bringing freezing temperatures with it and prompting Met Office forecasters to label the low pressure system a “weather bomb”, meaning the barometer dropped by more than 24 millibars over 24 hours.
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BBC News
In pictures: Storm Doris hits the UK
BBC News
Storm Doris was described as a "weather bomb" by the Met Office after the system underwent "explosive cyclogenesis" over a 24-hour period as it approached the UK from the Atlantic. Oystercatchers flying over rough seas were photographed at Alonby on ...
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The Guardian
Storm Doris to batter Britain with 80mph winds and heavy rain
The Guardian
The Met Office is warning of significant disruption from gale-force winds and heavy rain in much of Britain as the balmy start to the week is due to be blown away by Storm Doris. Thursday has been nicknamed Doris Day, when the fourth named storm of the ...
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Storm Doris: Travel chaos as commuters warned not to travel from several major stations as 'weather bomb' batters ...
The country is experiencing travel chaos as Storm Doris batters Britain and commuters struggle to make their way home this evening. Aircraft were grounded and trains delayed as gusts of almost 60mph hit the south east of England. Commuters were left ...
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Sky News
Woman dies as Storm Doris wreaks chaos across UK
Sky News
Storm Doris caused widespread damage and travel chaos on Thursday as it underwent "explosive cyclogenesis" - transforming it into a "weather bomb". Winds of up to 75mph were reported in Ireland where some 37,000 households were without power due ...
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The Guardian
Storm Doris set to bring winter's worst weather to UK as warnings extended
The Guardian
The worst storm of the winter is set to batter Britain on Thursday, with the Met Office warning that Storm Doris will bring gale-force winds and snow to more areas than previously feared. An amber “be prepared” weather warning has been extended further ...
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BBC News
Storm Doris winds reach 94mph in Wales
BBC News
Storm Doris has been causing disruption across Wales, affecting travel and power supplies. The Met Office issued yellow and amber warnings which ended at 20:00 GMT on Thursday. The UK's strongest gust of wind - 94mph (151km/h) - was recorded at ...
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Storm Doris: naming storms has made Britain safer because we are more prepared, Met Office says
Whilst some people believe that naming storms 'Doris' or 'Barbara' trivialises the danger posed by adverse weather, the Met Office claims that the new practice has made the public more engaged, informed and better prepared to face the elements. As ...
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Richard Garnett (@garnster)

.@WirralCouncil Any update on when the Oval's 3G pitches will reopen after they were closed due to Storm Doris in February?

18:00:09 25/05/2017


Adam Arellano (@AdamArellano16)

RT @dhayes_news: Tenant ‘gives up’ over Storm Doris debris ‘left to rot’ by council for three months #chesterfield #derbyshire…

17:34:55 25/05/2017


Jamie Dawson (@JamieDawson89)

RT @UKStormDoris: The only person that can stop Storm Doris

17:02:05 25/05/2017


Elizabeth Black (@mjRT93BGWyrYMz9)


16:21:12 25/05/2017


derbypromo (@derbypromo)

RT @dhayes_news: Tenant ‘gives up’ over Storm Doris debris ‘left to rot’ by council for three months #chesterfield #derbyshire…

15:41:57 25/05/2017


✨Grace✨ (@Graceville1)

RT @DGandyOfficial: Storm Doris must be bad back in UK.BA pilots trying to hitch a ride back in the Jag @British_Airways #BAlovesmilan #fly…

14:17:32 25/05/2017


Samantha Dickens (@aADV9DDdKyqsqow)

RT @AwardsDarwin: Don't go near the sea if you are going out in storm Doris. #stormdoris

13:33:28 25/05/2017


Madeleine Lee (@eylW1rKcxXfNjQy)

RT @waglington: Storm Doris? What's it going to do, knit me a scarf and bake me some cookies? What kind of dumb name for a storm is Doris?!

13:03:46 25/05/2017


Sue Burgess (@magameddum6s2)

RT @Chubbs: Storm Doris is fucking awful #stormdoris

11:41:42 25/05/2017


Eloise Russell (@9PLBo7NtUCvl6Bn)

RT @dapperlaughs: Guys, be careful out there, storm Doris is looking moist, stay safe ok, & remember #DorisDorisLicksHerBean…

11:02:06 25/05/2017


Edeline Taylor (@q85em9tiKA0nCTS)

RT @fliss_hughes: Storm Doris can do one!!...what next?!

10:06:45 25/05/2017


Surf Wellness (@SurfWellness)

RT @BOLDFACE_Surf: Storm Doris Devastation: England Fires as Storm Smashes the South West

09:54:10 25/05/2017


Kimberly Kerr (@inasil1o)

RT @AskSoniaHallen: It's times like this when being fat comes into advantage...come at me storm Doris

09:14:29 25/05/2017


Elizabeth Jackson (@6DDn3nxcptaBPAP)

RT @dapperlaughs: Guys, be careful out there, storm Doris is looking moist, stay safe ok, & remember #DorisDorisLicksHerBean…

08:12:21 25/05/2017


Daily Mail Edits (@dailymail_diff)

Max the dog ready for Storm Doris in the Lake District | Daily Mail Online ➜…

07:57:34 25/05/2017


Clarissa Cooper (@tjnME80k735bHKg)

RT @AlisonHammond2: That storm ⛈ Doris yesterday was a right nightmare! Blew me into a Chinese takeaway 😉

07:44:27 25/05/2017


Michael Broomhead (@micklesb)

RT @dhayes_news: Tenant ‘gives up’ over Storm Doris debris ‘left to rot’ by council for three months #chesterfield #derbyshire…

06:26:38 25/05/2017


Eloise Rodriguez (@CeId53RfBDJX6GI)

RT @dapperlaughs: Guys, be careful out there, storm Doris is looking moist, stay safe ok, & remember #DorisDorisLicksHerBean…

05:58:54 25/05/2017


Brad Thomas (@BradThomas004)

RT @vindl_vids: CROSSWIND LANDINGS Storm Doris London Ryanair Reverse Thrust before touchdown FedEX Hard - @Bananamanuk79. WATCH: https://…

01:59:36 25/05/2017


OurDerbyshire (@OurDerbyshire)

Tenant gives up over Storm Doris debris left to rot by council for three months #derbyshire

01:20:16 25/05/2017


Wendy Hart (@8iKIHaVGTAuaFaC)

RT @lillyroxy2: storm doris....😬

00:57:08 25/05/2017


PossibilityUnlimited (@Earriffic)

The royal family tweets a message of care for those weathering Storm Doris

00:32:03 25/05/2017


Derbyshire Times (@D_Times)

Tenant ‘gives up’ over Storm Doris debris ‘left to rot’ by council for three months

00:02:10 25/05/2017


Megan Ford (@MeganFo56145649)

RT @aspray_wirral: Making a claim following storm Doris? I can handle everything for you inc. the repairs @ no cost

22:48:05 24/05/2017


Gabrielle Dixon (@Gabriel36941953)

RT @Torroofing: Tor Roofing Swansea Has your roof been damaged by Doris during today storm Missing a tile or two h…

22:45:45 24/05/2017