Storm Doris

Storm Doris has now passed over the UK. The next named storm to hit the UK, will be Storm Ewan.

Welcome to the not-so-offical webpage of Storm Doris! Storm Doris hit the UK on Thursday 23rd February 2017 and brought with it damaging rain, snow and winds to large parts of England, Scotland and Wales. The storm was predicted by the Met Office due to the development of a deep low pressure system over the Atlantic ocean in the days leading up to 23rd February 2017. Strong winds with gusts of up to 95mph were recorded and heavy rain battered parts of central England. Significant snowfall fell across the higher ground of northern England and much of Scotland. Due to Storm Doris's strength, the Met Office issued an "Amber Severe Weather Warning". Now that Storm Doris has passed over the UK, the next named storm to hit the UK will be Storm Ewan.

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The Guardian
Storm Doris: 'weather bomb' causes transport chaos across UK
The Guardian
The Met Office has declared Storm Doris a “weather bomb” as gales and snow hit parts of Britain. High winds brought widespread travel disruption on roads, rail, in the air and on the water. A woman died in Wolverhampton city centre after suffering ...
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The Guardian
Are you affected by Storm Doris and flooding in the UK?
The Guardian
Commuters have been warned of delays as Storm Doris reached nearly 90mph on its way to Britain, bringing snow to parts of Scotland and north-east England. An amber “be prepared” weather warning for strong winds and heavy rain meant some flights ...
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Storm Doris: Woman killed by falling debris
ITV News
A woman has been killed after being struck by a piece of debris "the size of a coffee table" as high winds from Storm Doris battered the country. The 29-year-old victim was hit outside a Starbucks in Wolverhampton city centre shortly before 11.45am ...
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BBC News
Storm Doris: Woman killed as UK hit by winds reaching 94mph
BBC News
A woman has been killed and at least two people have been seriously injured as Storm Doris brought winds of up to 94mph, snow and rain to the UK. West Midlands Ambulance Service said the woman had suffered head injuries when a piece of debris fell on ...
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The Guardian
Storm Doris to batter Britain with 80mph winds and heavy rain
The Guardian
The Met Office is warning of significant disruption from gale-force winds and heavy rain in much of Britain as the balmy start to the week is due to be blown away by Storm Doris. Thursday has been nicknamed Doris Day, when the fourth named storm of the ...
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The Guardian
Woman killed by falling debris as Storm Doris causes chaos across UK
The Guardian
Winds of more than 100mph have battered the UK as the worst storm of the winter caused the death of a woman and travel chaos across the country. Storm Doris had raged in from the west overnight, bringing freezing temperatures with it and prompting Met ...
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Storm Doris: naming storms has made Britain safer because we are more prepared, Met Office says
Whilst some people believe that naming storms 'Doris' or 'Barbara' trivialises the danger posed by adverse weather, the Met Office claims that the new practice has made the public more engaged, informed and better prepared to face the elements. As ...
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BBC News
In pictures: Storm Doris hits the UK
BBC News
Storm Doris was described as a "weather bomb" by the Met Office after the system underwent "explosive cyclogenesis" over a 24-hour period as it approached the UK from the Atlantic. Oystercatchers flying over rough seas were photographed at Alonby on ...
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UK weather: Storm Doris death toll rises to three as mother is blown into roadsweeper and lorry driver crashes
The Storm Doris death toll has risen to three after it emerged a mother was blown into path of a roadsweeper and a lorry driver crashed in high winds. The 32-year-old woman was pushing an empty pushchair to pick up her young child from a nearby ...
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Sky News
Woman dies as Storm Doris wreaks chaos across UK
Sky News
Storm Doris caused widespread damage and travel chaos on Thursday as it underwent "explosive cyclogenesis" - transforming it into a "weather bomb". Winds of up to 75mph were reported in Ireland where some 37,000 households were without power due ...
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georgia. (@Georgia_hodgson)

First storm Doris and now storm Brian, swear they are just making their way through my grandparents names

12:42:59 21/10/2017


Crystal (@taylor248_crys)

@DebsKeppey Didn't we also have a storm Doris?

11:53:17 21/10/2017


Crystal (@taylor248_crys)

@WillBlackWriter Up there with storm Doris.

11:51:58 21/10/2017


Benny Harvey RIP (@LeftWingScot)

@midgley_neil @bolshevikbvrboy @mitchx36 @AaronBastani

10:10:42 21/10/2017


Rhys (@B8STARD)

@schpling Tropical storm Doris

09:35:07 21/10/2017


Nick Bardsley (@NickBardsley2)

Storm Brian will be followed by Damp Doris and Chilly Keith

09:23:00 21/10/2017


Danielle Davis  🙄 (@dannielldavisdd) Now it called brian storm 😂 it was doris, now is brian

08:40:24 21/10/2017


Pete Cole (@thisispetecole)

@metoffice @BhamCityCouncil Last year storm doris, this year #StormOphelia, #StormBrian, ethnically diverse population, #JusSayin ?

08:14:34 21/10/2017


Dee Dee (@murray_doris)

RT @Elverojaguar: 🎈😽🎈😻🎈🌊🎈😽🎈😻🎈 Rider on the storm 🐾🐾🐾🐾

08:12:54 21/10/2017


Doris Helgeson (@doris_aho526)

@ME5ASH @ShepNewsTeam @realDonaldTrump Mine too I especially liked his storm coverage but can't watch him cause he hates my POTUS.

02:21:45 21/10/2017


P. Middleton (@pauldazM69)

@bbcweather Who remembers storm Angus( 19th Nov 16) Doris(21st Feb 17) Ewan (26th Feb 17) storm naming? Good or bad…

22:50:01 20/10/2017


Mary Russell (@Mary1002)

@DonnaIRL WTAF!! We had to claim in Feb after storm Doris, get an email today from @Ask123ie "suggesting" ways to p…

22:22:49 20/10/2017


Katie 🌹 (@katy3469x)

Reckon whoever names the storms is taking the piss first doris now we've got storm fucking BRIAN 😂😂👏🏼

18:07:24 20/10/2017


Gloria DeAngelo (@GloriaDeAngelo)

@testicleas His hair was the victim of Storm Doris earlier this year.

16:36:29 20/10/2017


Jess |🍋 (@visionwitch)

I’m watching the last episode of ambulance which was when storm Doris hit. Reminded me that me and @AlexHardie_ nearly died that day

14:22:01 20/10/2017


Tommy Mackay (@TommyReckless)

Quite. I'm getting nostalgic for Storm Doris now. Remember her?

13:45:27 20/10/2017


Tim (@Tim_Arnold1977)

@metofficeEMids Storm Doris did this!

12:43:05 20/10/2017


Oliver Paul (@OllyPaul12)

@writer_anthony I dunno, Storm Doris last February was a fierce and cruel force, matched only by it's name.

10:04:11 20/10/2017


Gary Stanford (@garystanfo)

are these storms named purely as a piss take, worst one last year was Storm Doris

08:01:52 20/10/2017


Dee (@DeeDoesStuff)

Storm Doris and now Brian? Sounds like an elderly couple

07:49:26 20/10/2017


Doris Bregolisse (@Global_Doris)

@BCHydro has restored all power to residents who lost it due to Tuesday's storm damage

06:40:59 20/10/2017


PrivateJet Las Vegas (@privjet_vegas)

80x30x8 Inswing vault door, Safe room door, Gun vault door, Storm shelter doors

03:26:55 20/10/2017


Doris Sher (@doris_sher)

RT @JoyAnnReid: Trump must be cooking up a tweet storm of epic rage proportions right now....

01:08:07 20/10/2017


Bryony Candlin (@bryony_candlin)

RT @UKStormDoris: This is what happens if you mess with Storm Doris

22:22:17 19/10/2017


50027 (@JedKendray)

@lemonclements Hope one is Storm Doris

18:59:05 19/10/2017